CNY Limited Edition Gift Box – Childhood Tradition


CHILDHOOD TRADITION Limited Edition Gift Box for our bestseller cookies (20 pcs) and a Fortune Cat.

💕 Hup To So (Walnut Cookies) – A literal edible time capsule, these Cantonese cookies originate from the Guangdong province and can still be found in small towns. We have updated the recipe, keeping its crumbly goodness and walnut topping.
💕 Taiwanese Pineapple Tart – Thin and flavourful crust wraps a jammy, sweet centre. Pineapple in cantonese sounds like ‘luck arriving’, and thus is very popular in Chinese culture. Adding on to them, we distinguish ourselves with a real dried sakura flower neatly embedded on the crumbly pastry.
💕Florentine – Your little favorite snacks. You just can’t stop asking for more, it is indeed very addictive. Our Almond Florentine has all the ingredients of almond slivers, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds and black sesame roll into one.

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