Our Philosophy

How our food philosophy shape D'FUN Cookies

Dato’ Fun’s food philosophy is to create pure, delicious, uncomplicated cookies – from modern western to traditional cookies, either crisp or soft, sweet or savory that warm the soul. Cookies, and their European counterparts biscuits, biscotti or gallettas, have become staples in the culture of others – and for good reason. They keep well, are convenient and small, and can bright up anyone’s day.

Dato’ Fun has a soft spot for cookies. She always only baked with the best freshest ingredients in small batches with nuts or chocolates, natural fruit or herbs to enhance the aroma, you will surely love the homely smell of each perfectly crafted cookies. 

Her baking kitchen is also kept simple and clean away from home in a SOHO office so that she can fully concentrate on each bake with her enjoyment and seduced by her own magical playfulness on each batch of dough.

As Dato’ Fun continues the tradition of simple and satisfying cookies handcrafted from the best ingredients – our hope is that D’FUN Cookies will conjure up lovely memories of your own childhood or family just the way Dato’ Fun did, or simply the pleasure of good taste.