About our Founder

Learn more about D’FUN Cookie’s Founder, Dato' Fun!

D’FUN Cookies is the abbreviation for Dato’ Fun. She is a self taught passionate baker, who started playing dough to baking cookies and tarts since kindie days with her aunt and cousins for afternoon tea gatherings. These days has always been an unforgettable moments in her life.

Whenever Dato’ Fun catches any free time, she will try on new recipe and refining them. Baking and the sheer pleasure it brings the baker and readied baked goods – excites her and makes her incredibly happy forgetting about stress in career life.  She wants to share her fun and excitement about cookies – hoping that her putting a Western or Traditional twist on cookies, that the younger generation would learn to appreciate all cookies style while her generations gets to enjoy a nostalgic treat. By offering cookies and treats in all sorts of flavors – ubiquitous chocolate chip, lemon curd, matcha, french rose or even colorful cookie monster, Dato’ Fun hopes that there is a flavor for everyone.

Dato’ Fun is a former Executive Director and Co-Founder of a PLC for digital content. She has experiences in a vast portfolio of work, from strategic planning to finance and operations for local companies and MNC. Starting an online Cookie Box may be one of her craziest idea – but it’s also one she is genuinely excited about and knows that she will be happy doing. Knowing that she have made others just the slightest bit happier would have made the effort – late nights by the mixer, rolling out dough and piping icing – all worth it.