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Making all things beautiful is the COOLEST and HAPPIEST moment in my life.  Finally after years of my baking journey, I am proud with this little achievement learning from Pinterest and Youtube – the Mexican Embroidery Funfetti Cake. It is by far the prettiest cake I ever baked.  Love Love the colors, its such a joy and happiness building this cake … from the inside funfetti celebration mood to the outer colourful flowers decorations.

My Funfetti cake (sometimes also called confetti cake) is light and fluffy, speckled with brightly colored sprinkles and sandwich with lemon cheese buttercream – it’s the perfect Birthday Cake that calls for celebration. The cake wrapped with fondant is cheered with Mexican embroidery design – buttercream icing piping and colorful piped roses. I felt so much in love for the cake, my heart just couldn’t stop felt loved and cheerful for the whole week.

What’s more I actually bunch the same colour tone flowers bouquets to match the cake mood.  This is not just a milestone for my baking journey, but also a milestone celebration for my two BFF from our uni days. FABULOUS 50 theme goes with the 50th Birthday Party, loads of love and laughters. May all of us blessed with all things beautiful every start of the day.

So if you too want pretty things for someone special in your life, please do not hesitate to email us for some ideas.  It’s my pleasure to make all things beautiful to share in everyone lives. [Dato’ Fun]



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