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Celebrating half a century with 50 cookies recipe

To mark my half a century milestone celebration, I decided to bake 50 Cookies Recipes that satisfies both the taste buds of cookies lovers. My philosophy is to create pure, delicious, uncomplicated cookies – from western to traditional cookies, either crisp or soft, sweet or savoury that warms the soul – most important of all it must be pretty so eating them is a cheerful experience.

I had so far baked 33 cookies recipes, most of them impressive and delicious except few were failures.  Of course there were frustrating times when I accidentally break the eggs on the floor, burnt the cookies in oven, wrong measurements or ingredients, etc etc.  But looking back into it today, I actually felt very blessed caused I didn’t walk this journey alone, friends and customers are walking along with me. Baking has brought deeper meaning to my life.

Blessings were pouring on me in many ways:

  • friends and customers buying me food while I busy baking my orders. Sometimes I really have no time to buy or prepare food myself
  • friends scouting and sharing recipes for me to try and do review together, some lending me books and mark those good recipes
  • friends buying me varieties of cookies when they are abroad as my references
  • supportive office staff to help me on baking when they are free or work OT
  • Supportive friends who help as personal shopper when I need something. They windowed shop for my shoes, etc. Take many pix for me to choose and just bring me to try, and swipe my card for purchase. They understand my taste and that I was too busy to walk around scouting
  • doors open for sharing my baked cookies to those less fortunate or fund raising. Even friends sponsoring ingredients while I just baked
  • connecting back friends who give me orders to support me, even as far as from Melbourne and HK who sent cookies packs to their relatives in East Malaysia and East Coast

Among the 33 cookies recipes, some are day to day munchy like biscotti, chocolate chips, shortbread, etc.. while some are festive like valentine LOVE cookies, CNY peanut cookies.  17 more to go, I am still planning for more impressive design and of festive mood. Gambate!! [Dato’ Fun]


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